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Norma Castilla

* 1956 † San Salvador 25. August 2016
It is with great sadness, but with certainty of the promise of the Resurrection, that we share the news that Pastor Norma passed away this morning and is with her heavenly father. Please keep her husband Pastor Rafael, and their three daughters in your prayers.

From Bishop Gomez:
In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
My very beloved brothers and sisters, in this moment as I write, Norma has just passed away. I have been beside her bed, and God received our prayers as we turned Norma over to His care, with Rafael. We accept His will and we pray that now she might be in Heaven, as a Saint, who might intercede as a blessing for her daughters, her husband, her loved ones, her Church, and all of her friends.
Thank you for having been so faithful in prayer, and we now continue to pray, giving thanks to God for having given her to us, for having the chance to know her, and for how she served as our Pastor, our sister and our friend.
With a profound feeling of sadness, but with the comfort of God’s love.
In brotherly love,
Bishop Medardo E. Gómez

Salvadoran Lutheran Church
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